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Hi! My name is Dao

I am the owner of My Pink Unicorn (MPU). Read more about why I set up MPU in the 'About Us' Section below.

Do you love unicorns and pink?

Welcome to My Pink Unicorn (or MPU as we like to call ourselves), a shop for unicorn and pink lovers. See our one-of-a-kind pink things, stylish yet affordable. We got them all made especially for you and come with our money back guarantee. Love yourself unconditionally and dare to dream in pink.

Our MPU jewelry collection

Have you bought costume jewelries that tarnish after a few wears and you have to throw them out? Have you found that costume jewelries look fake and cheap in design as well as finish? We do and that's why we decided to create jewelries that look stylish but yet affordable and lasting. MPU limited edition jewelry line is made of 316L surgical grade stainless steel and is suitable for sensitive skin. It does not tarnish and comes with a life-time warranty.

Our make-up brush sets

Our MPU make-up brushes are made for care-free yet perfect application. We have 2 sets. Each comes with either a unique MPU cylinder or pouch as pictured. We want you to be beautiful in pink. Our travel cosmetic case is the perfect size for all your make-up needs. If you don't love any of them, we will refund you in full!

Our double decker cosmetic case

Check it out. All you need for all your make-up essentials.

Unleash your inner sparkle!

Our jewelries can match any outfit and can be styled alone or together in so many ways. We added a little bling because we don't want your sparkle to go unnoticed!

My Pink Unicorn

About Us

Hello everyone! This is Dao. I am the founder of My Pink Unicorn (MPU). Would you believe that I am over 50! I want to invite you on a journey of self-love, living a life by design and becoming an exceptional, extraordinary and remarkable human being. Are you ready?!!

One of the reasons I set up MPU is I want to inspire women of all ages to follow their dreams with clarity of vision and intention and to do so with compassion for themselves and others.

In the last couple of months, I have been thinking and I think that the best way for me to do so is to share with you my journey and let you know who I am and why I feel so incredibly happy and inspired every day.

So, how did MPU come about? I wanted to create another brand outside the law (I’m a lawyer BTW – more about that later) and explore the fun side of me. I love the color pink, unicorns and rainbows. I also found there are things I like that I could not find anywhere. It took me two years from setting up a company, developing products, and getting the logo registered. Why? Because I plan to stick around so customers know we stand by our products.

You can see my love for pink, unicorns and rainbows are inspirations for the logo and name.

Pink because it’s the color of compassion. Unicorns because some think unicorns exist only in dreams, but I think unicorns helps us see infinite possibilities in our dreams. Rainbows because it is made of rain and sunshine and remind us never to give up hope.

Believe in yourself and achieve the impossible.

Follow me on Instagram @mypinkunicornmpu or like my FB page (My Pink Unicorn) and you will find that this is going to much more than an online shop.

I will share with you my views on life, how to look incredible at any age, how to take care of yourself because only until you do so and fill yourself with love unconditionally will you be able to give and receive love.

Try my products and dare to sparkle and live your dreams in pink! 

Light and love! 🦋💕🦄


I’m in love with My Pink Unicorn products! I have both the MPU super deluxe make-up brush kits and the double decker cosmetic case. The makeup brush kit comes with a total of 14 professional high quality soft brushes. It’s easy and convenient to travel with as its compact, beautifully presented and most importantly animal cruelty-free. I have the other set of 8-pieces at my vanity mirror, the brushes are incredibly smooth and you can tell its well made. The double decker cosmetic case is great for all my make-up products, easy to store and to take with me when I’m on the go. Would be great for gift ideas, I highly recommend these products!!!

From a fan in the US of our make-up collection

I got one set today. The brushes have soft, fluffy, springy bristles, and their tappered, slim, well-shaped handles are easy to grip and feel well-balenced allowing me to change hand positioning and feel comfortable during the makeup time. With the gorgeous design and the pinky bristles, it makes me feel fun and enjoy my makeup indeed. So i can say the the brushes are so stylist and functional. I love this set so much. Thank you to MPU team.

From a fan in Asia of our deluxe make up set

Blog posts

Do you know about our special MPU packaging?

Do you know about our special MPU packaging?

At MPU, we design all the packaging for our products so they can be loving stored at home or when you travel and to do our small part to save the environment. But above all, we did it because they are so cute! 

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