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Did you know that our logo is registered for trademark protection worldwide?

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Did you know that our logo is registered for trademark protection worldwide?

My Pink Unicorn (MPU) logo is registered for protection worldwide including in the United States, the European Union, China, Singapore, Vietnam and even in Cuba!

All of our products are branded with our MPU logo. You will see on our make-up brushes, make-up bag, packaging and even etched in some of our jewelries. We believe in our products and our brand and stand behind them. They are also backed by our money back guarantee. 

We spent over two years developing our products and brand. We didn't buy them online to on-sell to you.

We worked closely with our suppliers to ensure that what we offer are things that we always wanted to buy but could not find elsewhere like:

-low-maintenance, fun and stylish jewelries that are sweat-proof (you do not even have to take them off if you do not want to);

-super cute, cruelty-free make-up brushes in their own cute containers or pouches and a make-up case that can hold all your make-up essentials. 

Our logo is a pink unicorn under a cherry blossom tree in a field of flowers, butterflies and dragonflies. In the background is a rainbow.

A pink unicorn because pink is the color of compassion and people think unicorns exist only in dreams. We believe in pink and in dreams.

Butterflies and dragonflies are symbols of grace and transformation. Dragonflies change color as they mature just like a caterpillar sheds its skin to become a beautiful butterfly.

Cherry blossoms are fragile, pink flowers. They only bloom for a short time in spring. Their delicate petals falling on the ground like snow remind us to cherish every moment and live in the present.

A rainbow is made with both rain and sunshine. We believe in rainbows; adversities help make you stronger.

Our products and brand are the results of our dreams and are offered to you with great care, love and thoughts behind them. Hope you enjoy. Live your dreams (in pink)!