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Makeup brushes for eyes and lips

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Makeup brushes for eyes and lips

Here are some of our suggestions of brushes in our MPU makeup brush sets you can use on your lips and eyes.

The beauty of our make-up brush sets is that the brushes are very versatile and each can be used for many types of application. Experiment to create a natural, soft and dewy diffused look or a more dramatic look.

These are some of our suggestions:

1. Lip brush

This brush gives your lips a more defined and precise look compared to applying lipstick directly. Use a lip pencil to outline and define the shape of your lips and use the brush to fill in. Apply one coat, blot with tissue and reapply another coat. 

2. Eyeshadow brush

This brush helps you apply eyeshadow colors on eyelids, blend, create depth by applying color to the crease of your eyelids.

The longer shaped one is for applying color. The fatter one is for blending. 

Apply an eye primer first so the color lasts longer.

3. Blending brushes

These help you blend eyeshadows for a soft diffused look. The small cone shaped one can be used for precise blending or to smudge eyeshadow. The larger ones for general blending.

4. Eyebrow and eyeliner brushes

These are pointy or blunt. They help you apply liquid eyeliner or eyeshadow as liner to the lash line. If you use eyeshadow as liner, use the brush to press eyeshadow right on the lash line. You can also use our lip pencil as an eyeliner brush.

Use this to apply eyebrow make up or help you fill in your brows. Can also be used to apply eyeshadow right on the lash line as an eyeliner.