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Makeup brushes for face

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Makeup brushes for face

The beauty of our makeup brush sets is that the brushes are very versatile and each can be used for many types of application. Experiment to create a natural, soft and dewy diffused look or a more dramatic look.

Here are some of our suggestions. 

1. Foundation brush

Use this brush to apply liquid foundation. You can also use a sponge or even your fingers to apply foundation depending on the look you want to achieve. Use the sponge for a more dewy look and a brush for a more matte look. 

Use the tip to fill in all the nooks and crannies on your faceBlending brushes

2.  Blending brushes

Use this brush to blend and smooth out foundation or to apply blusher or bronzer. Swirl it in circular motion to blend foundation.

3. Concealer brush

Use this small brush that looks like a lip brush to apply concealer. Our lip pencil in our 8-piece MPU deluxe set can also be used as a concealer brush.

4. Powder brush

Dust powder or bronzer with this brush after you apply foundation. Dip it in powder and tap to remove excess and swirl the powder on your face in a circular motion.

5. Blusher

Apply blusher with this brush. Use the angled one for contouring for a more defined look and the round one for a softer look.

6. Fan brush

This brush looks like a fan and can be used to brush off any excess make-up for a finished look. The powder brush in our 8-piece MPU deluxe set can also be used to dust off excess make up.