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Do you know about our special MPU packaging?

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Do you know about our special MPU packaging?

When we first started we received a lot of advice regarding packaging. Basically, we were told that to make the products look high-end, we should have fancy boxes and wrappings. In particular, jewelries should come in fancy jewelry boxes and make-up brush sets should also be nicely packaged in boxed sets. 

We thought about it for a second and decided to do something different. The reason is simply we find that often with standard box packaging, we just rip the it apart and throw it away. So we decided to lovingly package our products in packaging that you can use to store our products.

Thus, we designed the cylinder packaging and pouch to house our make-up brush sets that you can use at home or for travel. Our jewelries are stored in microfiber pouches that you can also use to clean the jewelries. 

Most of all we save you the trouble of ripping lots of packaging and throwing it away. May be we will help save a few trees in the process. 

Hope you like the cute packaging as much as our products. Let us know what you think!